Agricultural Education Workshops


There is a need for growers in Hawaii to be aware of newregulations regarding their farm operations and to gain a better understandingof liability issues they face. There are also a number of new opportunities forgrowers to help increase their profitability and manage risk.


The free 30-minute sessions held at CTAHR Extension Officesvia Polycom will run from 6:00 to 8:00pm and will give you basic understandingof the programs and how and where to obtain more detailed information.

February 24, 2009

            MANAGINGFOOD SAFETY RISKS        ElizabethHaws Connally (AHF&I)
                        Understanding your liability when selling freshproduce, value added                                     productsand on-farm visits.

            COOL/SEALOF QUALITY                                    MatthewLoke (HDOA)
                        Country of Origin labeling laws and Hawaii Seal of     Quality requirements.

            ENTERPRISEZONES PROGRAM                         MichelleMuraoka (DBEDT)
Tax credits for farmers and new changes incl.natural disaster exemption   


March 9, 2009

The AIP's unique service providesone-on-one business consulting to agribusinesses throughout Hawaii. Learn aboutthis program and how it has helped agribusinesses greatly increase profits.

            MARKETINGAGREEMENTS                    TimO'Connell (USDA-Rural Devel.)
                        The contract between an agricultural cooperativeand its members

            MARKETOPPORTUNITIES WITH           ElizabethHaws Connally (AHF&I)

               THE GOVERNMENT       


Polycom Sites/Contacts:

            Oahu:   WayneNishijima, 956-8397, 

                        212Gilmore Hall, 3050 Maile Way, UHM Campus

            Kauai:  Roy Yamakawa, 274-3471

                        Room210 State Office Bldg, 3060 Eiwa Street, Lihue

            Maui:  Harold Keyser, 244-3242,

                        KahuluiExtension Office (Bldg 214), MCC Campus

            Kona:   Susan Miyasaka/Russell Nagata, 981-5199

                        KonaExtension Office, 79-7381 Hawaii Belt Road, Kainaliu

            Hilo:    Susan Miyasaka/RussellNagata, 981-5199

                        WaiakeaResearch Station, 920 Stainback Highway, Hilo


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