At the end of the growing season in early January all

figs which had increased in size to any great extent

were pruned back.


Status by type of fig:


Brown Turkey: this old planting is a prolific producer

of large sweet fruit.


White Cadota: this second year plant produced a

limited number of fruit which were excellent fruits

with a full rasberry center and a very sweet taste.


The following plantings increased subtantially in size

(3'-5') and produced limited fruits which were taken

off to stimulate root growth:


Verdal Longue



The following planting still appear to be alive but

showed no substantial growth:


Violette de Bordeaux


(any fruits on these plantings were discarded to

enhance root growth)


The Vernino planting died.


We're expecting the following new cuttings:

Early Violet

Giant Amber

Santa Cruz Dark

Yellow Neches

Black Madiere

Violette de Bordeaux (second cutting)


A new planting of a Texas Everbearing, or as we

light-heartedly like to refer to it as our "Texas

Overbearing", appears to be doing very well.


We expect to fertilize with chicken manure at the

beginning of the rainly season in late April/early



We expect to submit our next report at the end of the

Rainy season in late September/early October.


Please contact us at if you

have any questions.


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