Speed grow is a natural organic supplement developed in Japan by Tooru Nakamura and contains 20% neem leaf extract and 80% amino acids, minerals, herbs and vitamins.


It is used with fertilizer of choice to help plants root and leaf growth develop rapidly and can be used either by foliar spray or released in tube as shown.


As currently packaged, Speed grow is mixed 1 part to 500 parts water for spraying.


Tubes are made from 2 inch pipe cut to about 10 inches long. The bottoms are taped and 1/16th inch holes drilled every inch and a half.


The tubes are filled with 2 caps of Speed grow then fetilizer, then another cap of speed grow. For the 12 Trees project we used donated organic 6-6-6.


For larger trees, the 3 tubes are placed around the tree. For small shrubs and trees, one tube is placed near the tree. Make sure the holes are facing the tree. If the ground is not level, make sure the tube is placed on the higher elevation side of the tree.


We hope to show results within a few months.



Neem leaf      100gr

Protein             7.1 gram

Oil                1 gr

Carbohydrates       22.9 gr

Fiber               6.2 gr

Water        54.9 gr

Minerals      3.4 gr

Calcium      510 mg

Potassium    80 mg

Iron         17mg

Threonine    0.04 mg

Niacin       1.4 mg

Tyrosine      31.5 mg

Vitamin c     218 mg

Carotene     1998 mg

Glutamic acid 73.3 mg

Aspartic  acid  15.5mg

Arginine     6.4 mg

Proline       4mg

Glutamine    1mg


Kcal 1290

Ph 4