Fruit Wanted!


Working prices  

The 12 Trees Project will purchasefruit that are free of defects.


Loquat     $2.50 per lb.   to $3.50per lb based on size.

Mysore berry    $7.00per lb.    Clean with no stems

Poha      $7.00 per lb. Husked $3.00 per lb in husk

Pomegranate    $4.50per lb.

Cherimoya     $2.00per lb.

Tree tomato / tamarillo   $5.00per lb.

Kona rangpur lime      $.50per lb.

Tropical Apricot     $2.50per lb.

Grumichama       $5.00per lb.

Surinam Cherry     $2.50per lb.

Kumquat       $4.50 per lb.

Figs        $.75   each 


To sell or donate your fruit tothe college culinary arts program and 12 trees project,

contact Ken Love at  323-2417 




Retail prices in Kona groceries.

Tree tomatoes from New Zealand$10.99 lb

Figs from calif. $8.78 lb