The post office system in Japan has strengthened their support of small farmers across Japan and issued a number of flyers featuring crops grown in different areas. These flyers are at each of the thousands of post office branches around the country. Boxes of fruit can be ordered, paid for and shipped from each branch. Many of the flyers show pictures of the farmers as well as the fruit.


The post office also has large gift catalogs that can be hundreds of pages. Many items are from larger companies and geared for the more traditional gift giving seasons however, there is a special section on hometown gifts and locally produced items from a specific region.


In addition to the books and flyers at local post offices, an internet site has been set up at The Japanese site shows a small selection of gifts available and contains a section for ordering in English.


This is not limited to fruit, which does not play a major part of the online services. There are many craft items and dolls as well as flowers, fish, meats, noodles and other foods.


The brochures are also different in different areas of Japan and feature local specialities.

The is another booklet which is in both English and Japanese which offers those items that can be shipped overseas with guides for which countries they are permitted in.


This type of system could work well in Hawaii given a central clearing house or coop

To manage it.