Kerwinfs KonaLime Juice


3 quarts ofKona Lime juice, fresh squeezed and strained

8 quarts ofwater

4oz. freshginger

8 cups sugar

1-1/2 cupshoney



1) Squeeze andstrain lime juice

2) Measure intolarge container

3) Mix sugarand honey with warm water from tap to aid dissolving.

4) Mix limejuice and sugar solution.@ Don't add allof the sugar

solution atonce, but rather taste and adjust sweetness.

5) Use 1 quartof juice mix to blend/grind with fresh ginger in blender.

6) Pour throughstrainer into juice, then taste to adjust sweetness

and/or@ dilution with water.

7) Check flavorof juice chilled on ice cubes.


Yield: approx12 quarts