Kerwinfs Kona Lime Juice


3 quarts of Kona Lime juice, fresh squeezed and strained

8 quarts of water

4oz. fresh ginger

8 cups sugar

1-1/2 cups honey



1) Squeeze and strain lime juice

2) Measure into large container

3) Mix sugar and honey with warm water from tap to aid dissolving.

4) Mix lime juice and sugar solution.@ Don't add all of the sugar

solution at once, but rather taste and adjust sweetness.

5) Use 1 quart of juice mix to blend/grind with fresh ginger in blender.

6) Pour through strainer into juice, then taste to adjust sweetness

and/or@ dilution with water.

7) Check flavor of juice chilled on ice cubes.


Yield: approx 12 quarts