Jam shops


Last week on TV in Japan there was a special show that featured jam and fruit based products and how popular they are becoming here.


Jam stores are springing up around the country, stores owned by large companies as well as stores that are farm and coop owned. Many of the shops feature jams & fruit products form around the world, including the exotics we use in Hawaii.

Most stores also offer sugar free jam usually made with sorbitol.  They have tasting rooms the jam, jam tea, jam and yoghurt, and jam juice drinks. All the shops actively promote the use of jam in different ways. Jam with hot water poured into it is very popular as a tea type drink.


Some stores feature a daily jam cooked onsite and people buy the hot jam by the weight they want right out of the pot. Raisin, kiwi and pineapple were featured during the day of the filming.


Some stores offer other products made with the jam or to use with jam. Yoghurt, breads and bottled waters for example.


Packaging at some stores is in freestanding bags as well as jars. This type of packaging would be helpful for Hawaiian producers as shipping weight for orders would be less and the packages, like coffee bags, are easier for visitors to pack to take home.


When I say jam, this includes jelly; syrup, chutney and other fruit based condiments.


This is a trend to watch.