Seedless Loquat (Tanenashi Biwa)

  • Seedless Loquat Information (6-18-04)
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    More fruit photos from Japan!

    Hawaiian themed desserts produced and marketed by Latria Company, A division of Meiraku Group. Kona Coffee jelly, mango and coconut pudding,"Blue Hawaii dessert" and acerola jello are just a few of the goodies that keep Hawaii in the mind of consumers in Nagoya.
  • Hawaiian themed desserts. (6-10-04)

    The Biwa Club

    The Biwa Club in Tomiura Chiba serves a number of purposes. Started as a rest stop for weary drivers, it's evolved into a tourist attraction and gathering point for lovers of biwa, (loquat). The club has a restaurant, book shop, reading and meeting rooms. Educational programs for farmers often take place. There are 300 farmers who sell their biwa to the club.Other crafts native to this area of Chiba are also demonstrated, such as paper fan making,(uchiwa), and weaving. The store has thousands of items made with biwa and featuring biwa characters. They also have items made with peanuts,blueberries and other produce native to Chiba.
  • Tomiura Biwa Club (6-10-04)

    The Flower Club in Tomiura was set up the same way as the Biwa club. Here are a few off season photos. There are a large number of greenhouses for tropicals. The shop sells Biwa Club items as well as plants and cut flowers.
  • Tomiura Flower Club (6-10-04)

    Bagging nashi at the Togokuzan Fruit park in Nagoya Japan. They use different color bags to get different levels of sugar. Red bags make the fruit more sweet. In addition to the bags which protect the fruit from virus and some small insects, the whole orchard is placed under a net to keep the crows and other birds away from the apple pears.
  • Bagging Nashi (6-10-04)

    New pictures from the Togokuzan Fruit park in Nagoya Japan. This farmer friendly facility has twice weekly markets for local farmers to sell their produce as well as many events throughout the year. The photos also show nets over a loquat field, figs, bananas on display in the park museum, the library and other fruit trees around the park. Trails around the park and and ajoining areas are featured on sign boards.
  • Togokuzan Fruit Park in Nagoya Japan (6-9-04)

    A citrus root stock with two inch thorns was used around Nagoya Castle as a barrier.
  • Nagoya Castle Hedge (6-11-04)

    Small Acerola plants for sale in Tokyo.
  • Acerola (6-13-04)

    Kumquat jelly with real fruit and marzipan leaf.
  • kinkj (6-11-04)


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