No Chill Stone Fruit for Hawaii

These pages revolve around a new project to identify and distribute no chill stone fruit for Hawaii. The project is funded by

  • Western Region SARE -Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (WSARE)

  • Collection of Project photos for WSARE

  • Project collaborators with their first chuo ume plum tree

    These tropical peaches taste excellent.
  • Henry's mysore or ceylon peach tree in Keauhou.

  • Flower, new and almost ready ume fruit
  • Broken peach branch in vermiculite.
  • Tropic Snow Peach grafted on chuo ume rootstock 5-2-09. The scion was a little past it's prime but I thought I would give it a shot.
  • flowers on 5-2-09
  • New growth on the chuo ume plum on 5-2-09
  • Harvested ume on 5-2-09
  • Harvested ume on 5-2-09
  • Almost ready to harvest
  • Assorted plum sizes
  • Tropic snow peaches with 150 to 200 chill hours grafted onto nemaguard rootstock rated at 800 chill hours. Using the nemaguard to carry the peach until its ready for grafting on the chuo ume and mysore peach rootstocks.
  • Bonnies planted ume on 4-5-09

  • Original proposal sent to WSARE

    These photos were taken at the 1000 foot elevation in South Kona. The plums are also producing at the 12 Trees Project at about 400 foot elevation.

  • Four photos of the chuo ume plum and flowers

  • Four photos of the Mysore peach and flowers


  • Link to Julia Morton's page on ceylon Peach

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