These links are for powerpoints and associated reports or talks given at various conferences along with a few rants and letters to the editor.

  • PDF file of a powerpoint for Wholefoods & Kohala Center given on Aug. 6, 2013.

    Rants and letters to the editor.

  • The sin of Chinese taro in Hawaii.
  • Farmers market talk 1-26-08
  • Hilo sticks it to us again.

  • Powerpoint given at the Hawaii Island Food Summit 10-6-07

  • Banana marketing powerpoint given at the Hawaii state banana conference 8-24-07
  • Banana marketing report given at the Hawaii state banana conference 8-24-07
  • 12 Trees Project, a powerpoint presented at the National SARE Conference 8-16-06
  • Fruit for the future, a powerpoint presented to the American Culinary Federation 2-3-06
  • Report on Protective Fruit Wrapping-Word File
  • protective fruit wrapping (powerpoint)
  • fruit market research (powerpoint)

    Reports presented at the 2005 Agtourism in Hawaii Conferences.

  • The Fruit Parks of Japan and the 12 Trees Project (powerpoint)
  • Value added products and inspirations. (powerpoint)

    Tropical Fruit Trees presented at a New Farmer Workshop on Kauai

  • Fruit trees & diversification(powerpoint)


  • Tropical Fruit Flowers (powerpoint)

    Acknowledgements Links

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