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These are items and links for ordering our fruit posters, calendar, seasonal fruit guides and post cards. The link to our LocalHarvest.org store is for ordering Fruit and Fire hot sauce, jam, jelly, syrups and chutneys.

New Grape Poster

  • View the grape poster
  • Order the grape poster from LocalHarvest.org
    Mango Poster

  • View the mango poster
  • Order the mango poster from LocalHarvest.org
    Citrus Poster

  • View the citrus poster
  • Order the citrus poster from LocalHarvest.org

    Mango Poster

  • NEW Mango poster Available 8-1-10

  • Avocado Poster

  • See Avocado poster with over 110 types.
  • order from LocalHarvest.org

    FIG Poster

  • View Fig Poster
  • Order Fig Poster

    Banana Poster

  • see Banana Poster
  • Order Banana Poster

  • Hawaiian Banana Stickers from Randy Chambers collection

    Big Fruit Poster - version 2 with 163 pictures 27 x 39 inches

  • The new fruit poster is here! - $20. includes shipping in US.

    You can order from Ken by email or from Local Harvest

  • localharvest.org

  • A list of shops where you can buy the poster on the Big Island.

    Fruit Postcards
    Large size, 6 x 9 inches are US $1.00 each + postage
  • View Postcards

    Watch for 2015 Calendar coming in October!
    A new 2008 Desktop calender with 4 fruit pictures per month is sponsored by the Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers and the Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture. The $15. per calendar goes to the state organization for additional promotions of local fruit.
  • View sample calendar page (pdf)

    Poster & Seasonal Fruit Guides
    A printed 38 x 27 inch poster with 120 fruit is now available as are seasonal fruit guides printed on hard plastic. by sending email to Ken Love ken@mycoffee.net
    Set of 2 seasonal fruit guides or the poster is $15.00 plus $5.00 shipping (U.S.).

    credit cards accepted by fax (808-323-2245) and email or send a check or money order to Ken Love, PO Box 1242 Captain Cook, Hi. 96704

  • View Poster

    View Hawaiian Seasonal Fruit Guides for Chefs
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