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These links will take you to a wealth of information on Fruit and food in Japan as well as Japanese Fruit Parks. Loquat information in Japan and Taiwan as well as photos from a recent trip to Puerto Rico.

Foodex Japan 2008 - Tomiura Biwa Club - Aichi Agriculture Research Station

  • Featured fruit and value-added product photos from many countries
  • Notes on FoodEx 2008
  • Togokuzan Fruit Park and grocery store photos
  • Notes on the fruit park and a grocery store in Nagoya
  • Fig Research in Aichi-ken
  • Notes on fig research in Aichi-ken
  • Products from loquat at the Biwa Club
  • Notes on the Biwa Club and Chiba
  • Signs for Japanese citrus trees on sale
  • A few fruit for sale in Nagoya
  • A few plant pictures taken on the run.
  • Fertilizers used in Chiba Japan
  • Hozumi san, the top loquat grower in Chiba.
  • A list of Japanese citrus varieties
  • Sakura cherry blossom photos and a Kawagoe spring festival

    Possible Models for the Big Island of Hawaii.

    The Fruit Parks of Japan
  • Japanese Fruit Parks as Models for Rural Development in Hawaii
  • Japanese Fruit Parks as Models for Rural Development in Hawaii in Japanese.

  • unusual fruit from South India(8-3-09)
  • Waynad India jackfruit festival June 2009 (7-25-09)
  • Puttur India and other Kerala farm stands & Bangalore markets June 2009

    Foodex 2007 in Tokyo.

  • 2007 Foodex report-
  • Featured Product photos
  • FoodEx Show display photos
  • Brochures from Foodex 2007
    Other photos and notes from Japan, March 2007

  • Misc. photos from March 2007
  • Dried and Candied Fruit
  • Buntan Citrus Ad
  • Strawberry farm ad
  • New bags for wrapping fruit on the tree

    Stories on Hawaiian Agriculture in Japanese by Yurie Sakakibara East-West Journal
    榊原百合惠 イースト・ウエスト・ジャーナル
  • Made in Hawaii Vanilla
  • Made in Hawaii Cacao
  • 12 Trees project & Fruit Park
  • Yurie's story on poi


  • Fruit market photos in Kazakhstan by Kaz Goto
  • Jam - Jelly shops in Japan.(3-21-05)

  • Spain is active in marketing fresh fruit and products in their pavilion at the Worlds Fair in Nagoya. These 4 pictures are from waking through a hallway which ends at a restaurant serving tapas and other Spanish fruit and foods.(3-21-05)

  • Dried fruit from Syria purchased by Dick Bowen(4-7-05)

  • A few new fruit products from Japan(3-28-05)
  • More photos from Togokuzan fruit park.(3-21-05)
  • Products from the 2005 Foodex show in Japan. (3-11-05)
  • Different countries product brochures from Foodex 2005(3-11-05)
  • Foodex Fruit Trends: An outline on what fruit products countries are promoting.(3-11-05)

  • Three new innovative fruit products. (3-7-05)
  • Marketing fruit through the Japanese Postoffice system(3-11-05)
  • More ads from Japanese Post Office marketing of small farmers fruit and flower crops. (3-22-05)
  • Ads from the Japanese Post Office marketing of small farmers fruit crops. (3-7-05)


    More from Japan, June 2004

  • Index page of new uploads including Hawaii fruit desserts sold in Japan.Information on the seedless loqaut (biwa).The biwa and flower clubs of Tomiura Japan, Togokuzan Fruit Park in Nagoya and other photos from Japan.

    8-04 - Loquat Photos from Dr. Shih at TARI, the Ag Research Center in Taiwan. The average loquat or pipa 120 to 150 grams

  • TARI Loquat Photos
  • Giant loquat from Israel

    Citrus Grafting Examples

    Dr. J. Yoshimi Yonemoto from Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences shows a number of grafting styles.
  • Citrus Grafting Photos (9-6-04)
  • Above plants after 2 months (11-6-04) Other Links

    New June 13, 2004 - Yamanashi Fruit Park

  • Yamanashi Fruit Park Brochures
  • Yamanashi Fruit Park Views & Domes
  • Yamanashi Agriculture Experiment Station
  • Yamanashi Fruit Park Flowers and Fruit
  • Yamanashi Fruit Park Hotel & Train
  • Yamanashi Fruit Park Kitchen and Library
  • Yamanashi Fruit Park Misc.
  • Yamanashi Fruit Park Museum
  • Yamanashi Fruit Park Gift Shop
  • Yamanashi Fruit Park Park Signs

  • Loquat at the Chiba Japan Experiment Station(3-24-04)
  • Fresh Figs sold in Tokyo (5-27-04)
  • Fig growing and marketing in Japan-report (3-21-04)
  • Figs at the Nagoya Japan Fruit Park (3-20-04)
  • Figs at the Hamamatsu Japan Fruit Park (3-20-04)
  • Aichi-ken Japan Agriculture Station(3-19-04)
  • Fig farm & pruning in Aichi Japan(3-19-04)
  • Fig orchard & pruning in Chiba Japan(3-8-04)
  • Fig orchard in Chiba Japan-3 months later(6-8-04)
  • Photos from the Hamamatsu Japan Fruit Park(3-21-04)
  • More Photos from the Hamamatsu Japan Fruit Park(3-29-04)
  • Photos from the Togokusan Fruit Park in Nagoya Japan (3-21-04)
  • Links to other Japanese Fruit Parks(4-08-04)
  • Pruned Pomegranate trees in Hamamatsu Japan(3-20-04)
  • Pomegranate trees in Aichi Japan(3-19-04)
  • Kumquat hedge in Aichi-ken Japan(3-20-04)
  • Kumquat in Hamamatsu Japan(3-20-04)

  • Fruit sold in Tokyo's Tsukiji market. (6-1-04)
  • Fruit sold near Otsuka Tokyo (6-7-04)
  • Description of the photos below with a few links to Japanese fruit sites.
  • Photos of fruit being sold in various shops and department stores in Japan.
  • How to dry persimmons.(hoshigaki)
  • Fruit tree shapes in Japan (3-15-04)
  • protective fruit wrapping (powerpoint)
  • fruit market research (powerpoint)
  • Report on Protective Fruit Wrapping

    Snapshots from a 12-04 trip to Puerto Rico.

  • Photos from Puerto Rico
    Photos from Foodex 2004 in Tokyo.

  • Foodex 2004 photos
    Foodex Tokyo Report- March 2003

  • Foodex report
  • Foodex report for download
  • Foodex photos

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