• A primer on Celiac and other food allergies for the culinary community 11-07
  • Do's and Don'ts for restaurant chefs and servers in Hawaii
  • Rules for gluten free restaurant dining in Italy

  • A letter in the American Culinary Federation Western Region newsletter on surimi

    GF products in Italy -July 08 Munich 8-08

  • A few GF items found in Munich stores.
  • Cookies found in the Milan Train Station #1
  • Cookies found in the Milan Train Station #2
  • Display of GF products at a Milan Pharmacy


  • A sign and a few items from Chicago. I still feel uncomfortable buying GF flours on the shelf next to wheat flowers.There is a need for stores to keep GF items far removed from wheat flours & products.

  • These products came as a big surprise while staying in Milano. A great gift from Gluten Free Forum member Aimee-- grazie mille Aimee!
  • Thanks to Aimee, yet again, we found Corte Sconta off the well beaten paths of Venice. Wonderful lunch with GF pastas and dishes that I could enjoy without fear. My friends the Saitos as well as wife Margy still like thier breads but are always careful to keep them far away.
  • We could finally get together with gluten free forum member Aimee and enjoy real pizza for the first time in 3 years but not not half as much as we enjoyed meeting Aimee! The after dinner walk and gelato was amazing too!

    GF products I found in Japan -March 08

  • GF Products from Japanese Stores
  • GF products from Lhian's Kitchen in Thailand as seen in Japan For information on the products from Thailand, contact Dr. Danaya Thongsima export manager at export@lhianthai.com
  • GF products from Casabe Gourmet in Venezuela as seen in Japan For information on the products from Venezuela, contact Valentina Espinosa president of the company at valentinae@casabegourmet.com

    One of the best things at the 2008 FoodEx show in Japan was to meet Antonio Rotunno and his wife. They are working for Bio Alimenta in Abruzzo Italy.Antonio gave me some samples which I cooked here in Tokyo. WOW. Finally a pasta and gnochhi that taste great and are GF. Just hope we can find a way to get them into the US market.
  • The best GF pasta I've had yet!
  • A page from Bio Alimenta with GF pasta

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