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  • Kids and grandkids in Chicago

    New from Munich

  • A walk in the Bavarian alps and surrounding area.
  • A noon parade for produce & flower vendors. The fruit growers were sold out and carried empty crates!
  • Another great day in Munich!
  • Our first day in Munich. Really a great town!
  • Munich's fruit market and a few trees at my old friend Rolf's house.

    Italy July 2008

  • A text file of my random thoughts and experiences -- the good the bad and the ugly

  • Nice small Tuscan town
  • Great restaurant in Ancona, Osteria Teatro Strabacco
  • A few misc. pix and Margy with Betty
  • Walking around Orvieto
  • From a brief tour of the Orvieto Etruscan caves

  • On horseback
  • 3 wildflowers
  • More sunflowers grown for oil
  • Streets of Montepulciano
  • Small lake
    taken over the past few days - 25,26,27

  • Tuscan sunflowers
  • At the Agritourismo Madonna Della Grazie
  • In Citti Della Pieve

  • A day in Florence on 7-22

    Another great day 7-21

  • Parma lovers kiss by the church.
  • Parma's botanical garden and natural history museum.
  • the last 4 shots from parma at homecenter shop
  • The apartment house of or Friends family and the basement with antiques dating back hundreds of years. The stones in the wall and foundation date to the 1200's.
  • Another giant fig!

    A great day (7-20)with my friend Dr Maurizio Vecchia and his wife Clara.Maurizio collects passion fruit plants and fruit trees. He has a great site -- Maurizio has won a number of awards for developing passionfruit hybrids.
  • Cremora town
  • Dalmatian fig tree thats said to be naturally dwarfing.
  • Maurizio and Ken
  • Misc. photos of Maurizio's plants and around the house.

    A few photos from a few hours in Bologna

  • Bologna Photos A few shots from the Bologna Fruit Market and some Ag books. Bought a published book on Avocados and found a page with my photos lifted without permisssion from Internet. I will write the publisher!
  • A Bologna Fruit Market -- Yes, it's My poster she's looking at.
    Vittorio's farm house in Parma

  • Vittorios farm house
    Asti, Bra and Pollenzo

    Margy gets her Asti spumonti in Asti, Ken gets to vist Slow Food HQ and Univ. of Gastronomic Sciences.
  • Asti & Slow Food
  • Director Carlo Catani, right, and Academic Coordinator Nicola Perullo from the University of Gastronomic Sciences with Ken's posters.
    Around Parma

    Our "home" in Parma is
    is one of the most incredible places I've ever stayed
  • Around Parma and Palazzo Dalla Rosa Prati, Margy & Vittorio
  • Palazzo Dalla Rosa Prati
  • Accordian player in Parma
  • A few jellies and conserves I want to try!
    Borghetto, Genova and a few more from milan

  • A few more from milan
  • Photos from Genova
  • Borghetto photos
    New from venice & verona

  • Great fun doing the Gondola tourist thing in Venice.
  • Venice Fruit market at the Rialto Bridge
  • Views of Venice from the bell tower and other locations
  • Still more pictures from around Venice -- shopping, masks & more
  • A day in Verona with Juliet aka Margy
    Lake Como & Milan

  • Degu's wine and Degustatione bar in Milano on Via washington. Ken's favorite hang out in Milano
  • Wandering Milano after seeing the last supper which btw was not gluten free.
  • Two lovers on the way to the Lake Como train station
  • The Villa where some of the last James Bond Movie, Casino Royale was shot.
  • Milano Station
  • Part of a statue -- someplace I cant remember
  • Fruit tarts in a window on Via Monte Napoleone
  • A lot of pix at Lake Como area and to Lenno Village
  • Pictures on the way back to Como from Lenno.
  • Milano Duomo at night during free concert.

    July 2 Milano

  • Ok, so I had to check out the local fruit market near the mariott on via washington 66.
  • more fruit and man is it nice to have a melon that doesnt break my teeth and has some flavor!.
  • This lady was just looking out the window while we walked to dinner. I asked ( tried to in Italiano) if I could take her picture which I then showed her - "bella bella" she cried. She looks just like Margys mother!
  • Around the corner from margys italian mama was this side street. I just liked the light and colors.
  • These products came as a big surprise while staying in Milano. A great gift from Gluten Free Forum member Aimee-- molte grazie Aimee!

    Sumo in Hawaii June 10 2007

  • June 10 sumo match photos
  • reception dinner on June 8 with Tamanoshima

    Pictures of Ken Love
  • Tour of Aichi-Ken Japan Fig Research Area 3-2008
  • Ken with Chef Paul Prudhomme in Tokyo 3-2008
  • Ken with Dr Yahata at Chiba Agriculture Research Center 3-08
  • Ken checking a nanohana (canola)field in Chiba
  • Bill Gerlach, Ken, Dr Yahata in Chiba Japan 3-2008
  • Ken with Dr Yosef Mizrahi #1
  • Ken with Dr Yosef Mizrahi #2
  • Ken and Margy with Dr. Roberto Coronel 10-07/A>
  • Ken with Bill Whitman 2004
  • Ken and Margy at KCC market Honolulu 2007
  • Ken with Yoshi Ikuzo 2005
  • Ken with display in Guam 10-07
  • Viginia, Ken & Chris Rollins 2005
  • Ken with Rob Love and Stephanie 2005
  • Photo of Allen, Yan, Oscar and Ken 9-2007
  • Photo with Dr. Voon Boon Hoe, Frank Sekiya and guests (7-14-05)

    NIFTY's Feng forum members offline parties

  • Tad's pictures from March 23 2007 in Kagurazaka.
  • Toshiki's pictures from March 23 2007 in Kagurazaka.
  • Toshiki's pictures from Dec. 2005
  • Toshiki's pictures from May 2005
  • Tad's photos of the March 25 2005 Shinjuku offline party
  • March 25 2005 Shinjuku offline party
  • More Nifty FENG forum offline photos
  • Nov. 5 1996 offline party
  • Feb 28 1998 offline party
  • more from 2-28-98 offline party
  • March 21 2002 offline party
  • May 30th 2004 offline party
  • Oct. 16 1999 offline party
  • Oct. 27th 1999 coffee show at odaiba
  • Jan. 28 1995 offline party
  • March 25 1995 offline party at Atsugi
  • 2-24-95 Shinjuku offline party
  • Kunitachi offline party
    2007 Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) in Sayama

  • Sakura

    Soba School

    Text File Coming Soon

  • Preparing the sobako ( dough)
  • First rolling of the sobako ( dough)
  • Squaring off the sobako ( dough)
  • Cutting the sobako ( dough)
  • Finished noodles ( dough)
  • Misc. Photos ( dough)
    Yoshi Ikuzo

  • Fun with great Japanese singer Yoshi Ikuzo 9-05
  • Dinner with the great Japanese singer Yoshi Ikuzo 2003

    Marg & Ken

  • Marg & Ken in the 70s, you decide the century!
    My Mom

  • My mothers birthday page
  • Pictures from her birthday party in Puerto Rico
  • More family pictures from Puerto Rico
    High School

  • Pictures I took in high school in 1968
  • My first grade class photo

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