And They WonderWhy We Get Mad!


Once again theWestside gets the shaft from the powers that be.

I read withdisdain about $16 million for UH Hilo to construct a student recreation centerthat includes an outdoor swimming pool, fitness and aerobic center. ŌTheneed for recreational facilities scores high in student surveysĶ, the storysaid. Duh!  I guess they donÕtrealize we have a campus, if you can call it that, in Kona.  Our entire Kealakekua, Hawaii CommunityCollege campus would fit inside the dining room of MauiÕs Community College anddarn near in HiloÕs Community College dining area. This is not anexaggeration. 


Construction is scheduled to begin next year on the recreation center as well as another $20,million building which will be science and technology classrooms. A new centerwith 200 dorm rooms and a shopping an entertainment facility is also planned.All this while our Westside culinary students can barely read the numbers onthe worn out measuring cups because Hilo wonÕt fork over a few bucks to thisside. Maybe itÕs ok since our students still beat Hilo in the culinarycompetitions.


Should we talkabout roads too? Try walking on the makai side of the road between KonawaenaSchool Road and Kealakekua. The 14 inches of sidewalk with no guardrails and a30-foot fall into thorny shrubs or coffee plants awaits those who are not surefooted. Hilo roads have guardrails and 20 feet of flat grassland. You wouldthink at least some of the Eastside politicians would have a little concern forWestside students. To keep the Hilo citizens employed they keep building curbswhere no one walks. We cant even get sidewalks.


How many buses dothey get to choose from in Hilo? Ok, so they are free. I would rather pay areasonable fare and have a choice of schedules than have it free and only 2 or3 buses to choose from each day. Then again, they canÕt find drivers who canpass the drug tests.  


ItÕs not onlyHilo that treats us this way. The USDA decided to have a listening session forfarmers in Hawaii. They want to hear our input for the 2007 Farm Bill presentedto congress. ItÕs great they would even bother to come to Hawaii and have thesession in Kona – too bad they scheduled it smack dab in the middle ofthe Kona Coffee Festival Grand Parade. Do they really want to hear from coffeefarmers? Too bad they didnÕt bother to check the schedule and find out moreabout HawaiiÕs oldest and largest agricultural festival.


Mayor Kim,everybody likes you but you have to strive to make things more equitable! We aretired of getting the short end and mad as hell. We are not going to take itmuch longer.


It is way pasttime for the inequity between East and West sides of the island to stop. WecanÕt blame Hilo for getting what they can now. I canÕt imagine it will be muchlonger before the population shift is complete and a Westside mayor movesgovernment here – where it belongs. Or the state legislature is braveenough to finally make the island into two counties.


Hawaii seems tobe the Third World part of the U.S. with the Big Island being the Third WorldPart of Hawaii and Kona being the Third World Part of the Big Island. As youknow, it flows downhill which, I guess is why we get some of HiloÕs trash.


We, on theWestside really ought to load our pickups with all the garbage, bring it backto Hilo and dump it on Aupuni street! DonÕt worry Hilo, it does not smell asbad as what goes on inside the county council chambers.