GrumichamaWild Rice Pilaf


1 Cup          Wild RIce

4 Cup          Vegetable Stock

1/4Cup      Mire Poix Diced

1.5Cup       Grumichama, Pitted and Halved

1/3cup       Mirin

3 Tbl            Soybean oil

4 Tbl            Butter

InSachet     Black Peppercorn, BayLeaf,Parsley,


To Prepare:

 Bring vegetable stock to simmer. In a mediumsauce pot

  saute Mire Poix in Soybean oil untiltranslucent. Add

 1/2 a cup of grumichama then deglaze withmirin. Add wild rice 

  and saute till coated in oil. Add vegetablestock and sachet, bring to a simmer. Cover pot for 45 mins or until thewild 

 rice has bloomed.  Once cooked add butter and remaining   grumichama's to the rice. Salt and pepper to taste.