Notes on Togokuzan Fruit Park and a Grocery Store Visit in Nagoya Japan



The Togokuzan Fruit Park is always a joy for me to visit. Besides the friendly atmosphere, the incredibly maintained park is a showplace for proper horticulture with temperate crops as well as landscaped growth within the tropical domes.


Farther done on this website there is a detailed report on the park. Although IÕm usually in Japan at this time of year (March) the growth patterns of the trees are a few weeks ahead of previous years.


The shopping area of the store had a small display on dried fruit, which is different from what IÕve seen in the past. The display of plastic varieties also seemed upgraded since my last visit, as did the childrenÕs interactive displays. Was funny to see pictures of the fruit hanging from a tree and not the real thing. Bat least people get an idea of the size.


At the grocery store in Nagoya the produce from Japan had an image of the grower, a map of the region and place name where the variety was grown. The label also contains a special type of bar code easily scanned by cell phone cameras in Japan/ the codes give details on the specific farm. In some cases the same variety of produce will come from more than one farm. Each one has its own label.