Port Wine Fig Sauce Good for Venison




Portion size


1.5  Litters      Red Wine

3 Cups            Port Wine

2 Cups            Madeira Wine

2 cups             Dry Sherry

1 #          Shallots fine brunoise

3.5 #        Figs pureed

1 TB               Black Peppercorns

1.5 cups           Honey

48 oz               Beef Stock

48 oz        Veal demiglace

To taste      Salt and Pepper



In a sauce pan combine all the wines shallots and peppercorns and reduceau-sec. add the Fig purree, honey, stock and demi. Reduce to desired thicknessand season to taste with salt and pepper.



Bon Appetite!



Flow Wisdom and Chef Instructor Paul Heerlein

Hawaii Community College – West Hawaii