The 12 Trees Project is always in need to donations in orderto establish it as a viable community center for agricultural education and asa prototype farm for the growing of exotic tropical fruit.


We hope to enhance the visitor experience on the Big Islandas well as offer our shared knowledge of the wide variety of what is grown inKona.


In order to make this happen, we are in the need of:


Bull dozer / Back hoe time



Fertilizer (organic)

Mulch and compost

Weed mat

Shade cloth

Lumber to build shaded areas for some of the small trees.


Labor to help with:


Soil moving

Composting container construction


Thank you for your consideration.

Please call Ken Love 808-323-2417 (fax 808-323-2245) oremail ken@mycoffee.net with any questionsor to make a donation.


Remember, we also buy the fruit that is part of the 12 TreeProject for donation to the West Hawaii culinary school.