Dragon fruit Sorbet (adapted from Cooking at Home)

Yield 32 servings

6 cups Sugar

2 cups Fresh Dragon fruit

4 Large Eggs

3 ½ cups Water

Combine the sugar and the water and stir until the sugar is fully dissolved. Blend dragon fruit and add to sugar mixture.

Cottle the eggs, then whip the whites until foamy add to the sugar syrup and refrigerator for at least one hour.

Churn in ice-cream maker until smooth.




















Crispy Cornmeal Crusted Shrimp on a bed of organic local greens, papaya and avocado. Served with a creamy papaya dressing


Serves 100



100               @shrimp (with heads on)

36 egg whites

3 lbs of Cornmeal

Salt and pepper

6 papayas cut in diamonds

8 avocados cubed at service

6 red bell peppers for curls


1.     Peel and de-vain shrimp Japanese style by removing shell and sharp pointed tail leaving behind the two soft tail pieces.

2.   Separate eggs and whip well

3.   Place cornmeal in hotel pan, and season to taste

4.   Run shrimp through eggs and then dip in cornmeal

5.   Place on sheet pans and store for later (may be bagged gently and frozen)

6.   Prep papayas and avocados and make pepper curls and place in ice water. Place in cooler.

7.   Make dressing as per recipe below

8.   Wash and spin greens and chill until needed

9.   Deep fry the shrimp @ 350+ degrees paying close attention to how they are cooking, remove and cut one open to test doneness. It should look moderately opaque to cover for carryover heat. Remove and place on towels to drain.






Plate up

1. Place a bed of greens down on the plate, top with papaya and avocado, sauce the salad lightly with squeeze bottle then place one shrimp on top and garnish with pepper curls. SOLD
























Creamy Papaya Dressing

Makes 2 quarts


4 cups diced papaya

2 cups vegetable oil

2 cups pineapple juice

½ cup mac nut oil

¼ cup diced shallots

TT Dijon Mustard

TT S and P

TT Honey



1.     Blend all ing. except oil until well blended then slowly add oil through top of blender and blend until emulsified

2.   Season and adjust to taste and place in squeeze bottle for service