The project grant provides funds to purchase the 12 types of fruit from area farmers for donation to the University of Hawaii, Hawaii Community College culinary arts program in return for recipes that have been served to the public. Chef Instructor Paul Heerlein and colleagues will challenge students to create exciting recipes and products, such as dressings, sauces, juices, chutneys, jellies and desserts. Over the course of the project, markets will be developed with practicing chefs and wholesale fruit buyers. At the end of the three-year project, a cookbook featuring student and guest chef recipes will be published and distributed to chefs in the Kona-Kohala region.


The creativity that has gone into some the recipes thus far is remarkable.


Cherimoya flan

Kona Rangpur lime cheesecake

Mysore raspberry & loquat fruit terrine

Surinam cherry ice in Kona Rangpur lime juice

Spiced fruit soup

Kona Rangpur lime dipping sauce for mango spring rolls.

Loquat sorbet

Fig sauce


These are just a few of the recipes served at the Thursday and Friday lunches offered at the culinary school.



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