Reporting data submitted in the fall of 2007.

Planting were made during the spring of 2007, unless

otherwise noted.

Planting elevation=2200'


Summer: high temps in mid-70's; low temps in the low

60's; rainfall=40-50"

Winter: high temps in the high 60's; low temps in the

low 50's; rainfall=10-20"

Most days have good morning sun followed by afternoon


The planting area has full sun exposure.

All plants were planted in local soil augmented with

homemade compost and fertilized after 3 months with


Report by fig type:

White Cadota: (planted during spring of 2006) high=8';

fruiting with small sweet fruit.

Flanders:  cutting is 5" high with few leaves.

Sucrette:  cutting is 4' high and the plant is


Violette de Bordeaux:  cutting is 7" high with no

leaves but the plant is still alive as tested by the

bright green coloring under the bark.  The cutting

appears to be rooted.

Panachee:  the cutting is 8" high with few leaves.

Verdal Longue:  the cutting is 16" high with many


Excel:  the cutting is 16" high and is branching.

Vernino:  the cutting is 5" high with few leaves.

Brown Turkey:  (age unknown) has many branches and

reaches a height of 12' and spreads 15' across; is

producing many fruit that are nearly the size of

tennis balls; the fruit are very sweet when allowed to

ripen fully; fruiting occurs in late summer and the

plant loses nearly all of its leaves over the winter.


Steve Marquis

Holualoa, HI 96725