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Abbreviations: nlgnf=nice leaf growth but no figs

               slg=some leaf growth

               ng=no leaf growth but still alive

               dns=did not survive


We have a producing Brown Turkey tree in the upper orchard which is over 10 years old.


2006 Planting (planted in the upper orchard):

White Cadota:  Excellent Producer


2007 Planting (planted in the upper orchard):

Panachee:  14" high nlgnf

Sucrette:  48" high nlgnf

Excel:  48" high nlgnf

Violette de Bordeaux:  8" high with small figs which were taken off to promote root growth

Verdal Longue:  40" high nlgnf

Flanders:  7" high nlgnf

Vernino: 1-dns

6 plantings, 1=dns, 2=growing, 3=prospering


2008 Planting (planted in the newly cleared field unless otherwise noted):

note: Since this planting in April, 2008 the weather has been unusually wet and cool with little sun.

Brown Turkey:  1-12", 2-30" high nlgnf (upper orchard)

Texas White Everbearing: 1-65" high nlgnf (upper orchard)

White Cadota:  3-20" high nlgnf

Violette de Bordeaux:  3-2" high slg; 1-dns

Bourhabat:  1-12" high slg

Celeste: 1=ng

Black Madiera: 2-10" high, 1-6", 1-3" all slg

St Jean: 1-ng

Carica Brunswick:  1-8" high slg

Early Violet:  1-10" high slg, 2=ng, 1-dns

Genoa: 1-5" high slg

Giant Amber:  1-16" high nlgnf, 2-9" high slg, 1-ng, 1-dns

Marabout:  1-13"high slg, 1-ng

Vernino"  1-10" high slg

Excel:  2-3" high slg, 1-dns

Ishia Black:  1-2" high slg

Yellow Neches:  2-8" high slg

San Pietro:  2-4" high slg

Santa Cruz Dark:  3-dns

43 plantings, 30 with leaf growth, 6 with no growth, 7 did not survive


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