Strawberry Guava replaced withGrumichama!


After consultation with a numberof 12 Trees Project advisors and discussions with a number of participatingchefs, the project has decided to replace strawberry guava with grumichama, (Eugeniabraziliensis).


Although the invasiveness of strawberryguava is questionable at lower elevations in dry parts of Kona, the plant isprevalent in many upper elevation areas of Kona and is considered invasive. Oneof the areas the project wishes to focus on is bringing the more unusual fruitinto cultivation in order to provide chefs and consumers with fresh fruitchoices.


Those who have tried thegrumichama thoroughly enjoy the flavor. The taste is like a cross betweenjaboticaba and black cherry. The fruit is often called Brazil cherry or localcherry.



More information on grumichama: