Kona Biwa (Loquat)
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With some cultivars like Obusa, Mizuho and Fusahikari, individual fruit is bagged after pruning to 3 fruit per cluster. This is the standard in Chiba Japan which produces the largest fruit
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With Mogi and other cultivars fruit is bagged in clusters of 4 or 5
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Mogi from a young tree
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large bag over 5 Mogi
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Young Obusa with 4 fruit test.
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young Mizuho
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Flowers after cutting.
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Flowers before cutting.
1736 x 1556
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Loquat trunk with four cultivars on the same tree. Green electrical tape was used on the graft.
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Fruit prior to thinning
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Fruit prior to thinning.
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Tanaka loquat with bagged fruit
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Flower prior to cutting.BR>
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