Advisory Panel


Community members have agreed to be part of the projectadvisory panel. In addition to overall planning, the panel will participate in“hands on” work at the Coop’s Napoopoo Road site.


Dick Kuehner, Site designer

Friedrich Boeck, Irrigation

Nancy Redfeather, Organic practices

Virginia Easton Smith, Pruning


Larry Ford, Pomegranate

Gerry Herbert, Mysore Berry

Diana Duff, Kona Rangpur lime

Stephanie Amick, Poha

Mary Lynn Garner, Cherimoya

Ken Love, Loquat, Tropical apricot and fig,


Surinam cherry

Tree tomato




Sotero Agoot, Coop

Paul Heerline, Culinary

Bob Rosehill, Advisor

Craig Elevitch, Agroforestry advisor

Kent Fleming, Business management  advisor

Robert Paull, Post harvest advisor

Stu Nakamoto, Marketing advisor

Kaz Shigezawa, Technical advisor

Dick Bowen, Economics advisor &Grant Coordinator

KenLove, Project manager



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