Filipino Rice

                            (Teri Wisdom)


Arroza A La Filipina

Serving Size:6-8


                  Quantity Ingredients

                  2 cups                   sweet rice, washed and drained

                  2 cups                   white rice, washed and drained

                  8 cups                   water

                  3 tbl.                    Veggie oil

                  3                        cloves of garlic, crushed

                  2 lbs.                    chicken, cut into bite size pieces

                  1 medium                onion, diced

                  3                        chopped Tree Tomatoes

                  1 Cup                   Chicken Broth

                  2 medium                green bell peppers, sliced into thin


                  1 tbl.                    Annatto seeds soaked in ¼ cup water                                           for 30 min.

                  4 tbl.                    Raisins

                  1 tsp.                    salt

                  1/2tsp.                         pepper

                  3                        hard cooked eggs




1) Cook Rice

2) Heat oil in large pot, sauté garlic till light brown. Add chicken and brown.

3) Add onions and tomatoes and cook until onions are soft.

4) Add the chicken broth, cover, and simmer for 8-10 min. or when the chicken is tender.

5) Remove seeds from water and stir in veggies for the orange color. Be sure to not add seeds.

6) Add the cooked rice, raisins, salt and pepper and mix well.

7) Cook 10 minutes more, stirring occasionally to prevent burning.

8) Garnish with egg halves.