Rojak Fruit Salad

                            (Liz Kidd)



Serves 6


                  Quantity Ingredients

                  7                       small jicamas, peeled, quartered, and                                     thinlysliced

                  7                       unripemangos

                  7                       small pineapples, peeled, quartered                                             lengthwiseand thinly sliced

                  7                       green apples, quartered, cored and                                              thinlysliced.

                  7                       guavas,quartered and thinly sliced

                  7                       star fruits, thinly sliced into stars

                  14                      kiwi fruits, peeled and thinly sliced

                  7                       pomegranate, peeled and separate                                              seeds


                  1&1/4 cup               skinless peanuts, toasted and                                                 chopped

                  7tbsp                   sesame seed, toasted

                  7tbsp                   dark shoyu

                  7tbsp                   light shoyu

                  7tbsp                    freshly squeezed Kona rangpur limes

                  7tbsp                   palm sugar, finely chopped

                  1/2cup                   whitesugar

                  8                       chilies, finely chopped




1) Soak apple slices for 5 a solution of limejuice and water.

2) Layer thinly sliced fruitinto shallow glass dish, or you may stack them in layers on individual bowls.

3) Cover and refrigerate untilready to serve.

4) Toast peanuts and sesameseeds in 350 F over for 10 min, stirring occasionally.

5) To make dressing, combine allingredients in a small bowl stirring well (except peanuts and seeds).

6) Add the sesame seeds and halfpeanuts.

7) Serve in a bowl along side ofsalad.

8) The remains of peanuts shouldbe offered as garnish for guests.