Grilled White Fish in Banana Leaf with Sambal Chili Sauce

(Liz Kidd)

Serving Size: 40 Portions___________


Quantity Ingredients

                  10Lb.                   White Fish

                  40pc                    Banana leaves

                  15                      redChilies

                  10                      stalk lemon grass

                  1                       freshginger root

                  10                      shallots

                  10                      cloves garlic

                  1/2cup                        oil or as needed

                  &1/4cups                concentrated tomato paste

                  10tbs                   dried prawns

                  1tbsp                   shrimp paste

                  3tsp.                    Kona Rangpur lime juice

                  1tbs                    brown sugar

                             Salt and Pepper TT




Chop and blend chilies,lemongrass, ginger root, shallots, and garlic into fine paste, using a littleof the oil to keep the blades turning. Heat remaining oil in a heavy saucepanand add the blended in, tomato paste, dried prawns and shrimp paste. Cook overlow heat, stirring frequently, for about 5 min.  Add limejuice and sugar andthen season to taste. Wash the fish and pat dry and season with salt, pepper,and limejuice. Place the banana leaf package on a large plate, unwraping itand can be served with rice (see Nasi Lemak).