Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

                                  (Liz Kidd )





Quantity Ingredients


                  32                      ChickenThighs, cut into long thin


                  7tbsp                   coriander

                  9                       clovesof garlic, crushed

                  7pieces                  lemon grass, shredded

                  3tsp                    turmeric

                  5tsp                    sugar

                  3½ tsp                   salt

                  14tbsp                   shoyu

                  7tbsp                   sesame oil

                  Juiceof                   1 Kona rangpur lime



                  1&1/2                   bagpeanuts, fried/grilled and


                  2&1/2 tbsp               vegetable oil

                  4                       shallots finely chooped

                  7tbsp                   shrimp paste

                  2tbsp                   tararind sauce

                  3cups                   coconut milk

                  7tbsp                   honey




1) Prepare Mari nation. Addground fennel and coriander to garlic, shoyu, sugar, salt, turmeric, lemongrass, and sesame oil and lemon juice in wok. Heat up; slowly stir over thefire till it boils. Allow the mixture to cool, spread it over the chicken andleave in fridge overnight.

2) Thread each chicken striponto skewers. Arrange on flat plate.

3) Prepare the peanut sauce. Fry onion, garlic, and chilies in a wok. Add shrimp paste, coconut milk, andhoney. Simmer briefly. Add the peanuts.

4) Grill or barbeque the satay. Brush the chicken with a piece of lemon grass dipped in a mixture of oil andwater.