Cherimoya Sabayon

(Teri Wisdom)

Serving Size: 6

                  FLANAT GATA

Flan with coconut milk

Quantity Ingredients

                  1& 3/4 cups              sugar

                  1/4cup                        water

                  2cups                   coconut milk

                  6                       egg yolks

                  4                       eggwhites, lightly beaten

                  1tsp.                    Lemon Juice

                  6tbl.                    Brown Sugar




Pre- heat oven to 300 f


1) Stir ¾ cup of thesugar into the water in a heavy, medium saucepan over low heat until the sugardissolves. Increase the heat to high and boil, without stirring, until thecarmel mixture turns deep amber. Swirl the pan occasionally, and cook forabout 10 min. Brush the sides of the pan with a wet pastry brush to keep thesugar crystals from forming. Pour ¾ of the caramel into 6, ¾cups, dividing evenly, to just cover the bottom.

2) Stir the coconut milk intothe caramel remaining in the pan.

3) Place over low heat and stircontinuously until all the caramel is dissolved.

4) In a bowl, combine the eggyolks and the egg whites and beat together lightly till mixed thoroughly.

5) Add the remaining 1 cup ofsugar, the lemon juice, the coconut milk and the caramel mixture and mixtogether well.

6) Strain this custard through acheese cloth and pour it over the caramel in the cups. Place the cups in alarge baking pan.

7) Pour enough hot water intothe pan to come half way up the sides of the cups.

8) Bake 1 ½ hours, oruntil the custards are almost always set but still slightly soft in the center.

9) remove from pan and let coolcompletely

10) Before serving sprinkle onetab. of Brown sugar over the tops and propane torch to form a nice crust ofmelted sugar over the custard.









Cherimoya Sabayon

Scoop out cherimoya pulp- removeseeds


                  2Cups                  of Pulp

                  1Cup                    Sugar

                  1tsp.                    Cinnamon

                  1tsp.                    Vanilla

                  1Cup                   Pomegranate Puree

(All above is to be cooked overmedium high heat for approx. 10 min., allow to come to a boil)


                  18                      Eggs

                  180z.                   sugar

(Above- cook over double boilertill 150 * F)


                  Add1/2 cup              hot egg mix to cherimoya sauce, then

                                          Addrest of sauce to eggs.