Tropical ApricotVinaigrette

ByLiah Hobbs

Makes about 6 Cups



4 Cups Tropical Apricot Juice- reduced by half

1/2 Cup Shallots - minced

1 Cup Sherry Vinegar

3 Tbsp. Whole Grain Mustard

3 Cups Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper to taste



- Over medium low heat reduce4 cups Tropical Apricot juice to about 2 cups

- Turn of heat and add mincedshallots while juice is still warm

- Let mixture stand for about15 minutes

- Strain mixture and reserve3 Tbsp. of minced Shallots, discard the rest

- Add Vinegar, Mustard, andreserved Shallots to strained Tropical Apricot          juice, mixwell

- Slowly whisk in Olive Oil

- Add Salt & Pepper totaste