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Please provide a brief, comprehensive overview of your proposed project (5 pages max). The following outline will be used as a guide in its preparation:



             Exotic Tropical Fruit Value Added Products Market Research

Project name:____________________________________________

               Ken love

Name: ________________________________________________

               Love Family Farms

Company: ______________________________________________

               PO Box 1242


               Captain Cook, Hi. 96704







email address:___________________________________________





Give a brief, clear description of your proposed project, its location, purpose, background and why you expect it to succeed.  If it is a part of an existing or larger business, describe the business in a short paragraph and then discuss how your business will change if HADP funds are granted.  Include market information to demonstrate how all of your products will be sold (2 pg.max).


This Project will start with the purchase of a wide variety of unusual tropical fruit grown in the Kona District. (Some examples: Bilimbi, loquat, tropical apricot,lulo,langsat,kumquat,gourka, strawberry guava, poha,tamarillo,wi,

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Acerola, green sapote, jackfruit, jaboticaba and many others.


 Currently we process and market jams, jellies and syrups from many of the fruit with varying degrees of success.  We also assist other producers by providing resources for markets and product development.  With this project, we would increase the purchase of tropical fruit from area farmers, donate the fruit to the West Hawaii Culinary School and work with them to produce and package the products according to USDA guidelines. The products would be served and test marketed at the public breakfast and lunches served at the school.  In addition to the unusual fruit, innovative products would be tested such as banana and guava ketchup, unusual chutneys, vinaigrettes and dessert sauces.

A market research form would be developed to assess each product tested as to its palatability. In addition, we would gather data on pricing, packaging and desirability of purchase. Each product would also be made available for purchase at the culinary school events with proceeds used to support the school during the first year and going back into the project the second year in order to make the project sustainable and ongoing.  In addition to the fruit, funds would also be used to purchase jars, pectin, develop the research form and for outreach programs. Eventually this program could be expanded to include unusual fresh fruit.


The outreach would consist of market research reports published online on at, develop powerpoint presentations on the project for use by the Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers and the American Culinary Federation (ACF), Kona –Kohala Chapter. Any interested agriculture group would have access to the powerpoints and internet based information.





Please list and quantify the value of the services and/or products you expect to be able to contribute to the local community if this project is funded.

For example, explain how your proposed project will help place local residents into their own business or, at least, provide good, secure jobs.  Give a detailed number and quality of jobs or business (e.g. farms) that your proposed project will directly or indirectly generate during a given time period of one to three years. 

If you’re proposing to implement a marketing project, please identify the number of potential markets to be researched and address how you intend to integrate the marketing research to improve or expand local agricultural economy to improve the HADP project. 


This program would benefit the community in a number of ways. It would help to develop a market for the more unusual fruit grown by area markets but currently not utilized to capacity. Offering the fruit to the culinary school would insure the next generation of chefs has a familiarity with the more unusual fruit and as they move into the workplace at area hotels, the desire to continue working with the fruit would also benefit the growers. This has been shown to be true by the 12 Trees project


Products developed with Love Family Farms and sold by the student chefs would  enrich their culinary school programs and increase their knowledge of product development and the marketing value added products based 100% on Hawaiian grown fruit.

The published market research data would give growers an idea of what local consumers and visitors would be interested in buying and help them to determine a greater diversification of crops they could grow.


This would be extended in the outreach activities when presentations were given to area agriculture groups.






Give a brief budget summary in table form including gross revenue, costs and net income per year.  Discuss how the HADP funds will be spent and explain how your matching investment will be provided (1 Page).

Based on a 2 year project


Fruit purchased from area farmers                  $10,000.00

Jars purchased for developed products         $3000.00

Labeling and printing cost                    $1000.00

Fruit processing fees                           $500.00 ( or inkind)

Market Research Form Development and data collation. $500.00 (or inkind)

Website publishing                           $500.00

Powerpoint presentation development         $500.00

Staff to assist in market research questioning 3 hours per week,

   (52 weeks over 2 years) @$8.00 per hour   $1248.00

Advertising for fruit purchases and sales of Student made products $ 1000.00


Requested funds total  $18,248.00


Estimated revenue from culinary school event sales over two years $7488.00