Exotic Tropical Fruit Value Added Products & MarketResearch




Have you heard of________________________fruit?


How was the taste?                             Was the colorpleasing?

Hate it                                      To light

So-so                                      Just right

Average                                     To dark




How about the texture?                           Is the size of the jarok?

To thin                                     To small

Just right                                    Just right

Too thick                                    Too big


How much would you pay for a4-ounce jar of hand made __________ from locally grown fruit?

$4.00                          $7.00

$5.00                          $8.00

$6.00                          $_______




Would you pay even more for4oz jar of jelly from very rare fruit that requires a lot of processing time?

For example: lychee, rambutanor longon.





How much time do you think ittakes to produce 24 jars of jelly?

(This includes harvesting andprocessing fruit & making, jarring and labeling the jelly.)

2 hours                         5 hours

3 hours                         6 hours

4 hours                         7 hours





Are you:




Where are you from?City_____________State____


Age                                              What best describes youincome?

18 --- 28                                          Surviving

29 --- 38                                          Can’tcomplain

39 --- 48                                           Doingok

49 --- 58                                          Floatingon air       

58 --- 69                                          Fixedincome

over 70                                            Livinghigh on the hog