Kumquat Sauce

                                Dustin Kahihikolo and Paul Heerlein


Yield      About 40ounces

Portion   1oz.

Num. Portions   40



40 oz    Duck demiglaze

4 cups sliced Kumquats

12 oz   Madeira wine

5 T      Honey

5 T     Kumquat preserves (fromthe 12 tree project)

3 T     Kona Lime Juice

¼ #    Sweet butter cut into pats

S& P to taste



Procedure: Reduce Madeira by half and add thesliced Kumquats, cook until syrupy and add the demi. Reduce to desired consistencyand strain into another sauce pot.

Add the preserves and honey, adjust seasoning and add thelime juice, swirl in butter taste and hold for service.

Excellent with pan seared crispy Duck breast.



Marinade forDuck Breast


1 oz sliced Kumquats

1 oz Honey

1 oz Yamasa Soy

½ oz vegetable oil

½ oz rice vinegar


Mix all together and pour over duck, marinate four hours.Pat dry, season with salt and pepper and grill or sauté.

Slice duck breast and serve with sauce from above, wildrice pilaf, sugar snap peas and baby carrots.