Kumquat ginger and Chinese 5 spice Marmalade

Paul Heerlein

Chef Instructor HawaiiCommunity College West Hawaii



8 cups thinly sliced Kumquats

.5 cup Tangerine Juice

6 oz pectin

5.5 cups sugar

3 T finely minced freshginger

1 tsp (heaping) Chinese 5 spice



Ina sauce pan combine the kumquats, tangerine juice and bring to a boil. Slowlyadd the pectin while whisking and bring to a second boil. Add sugar whilewhisking and bring to a boil. Turn off the heat and stir in the ginger, 5-Spice and bottle immediately.

Boilthe jars for twenty minutes.


*Note:The jars must be covered with at least 2- inches of boiling water.

Jarsmust be washed and sanitized prior to starting.

@Label and store the marmalade.