Rangpur lime Salmon cucumbercanape.

Vince Mott





2lb cream cheese

4 shallots fine diced

1/4 cup Rangpur lime juice

1 cup fine diced sun driedtomatoes

8 English cucumbers

1-2 tsp ginger fine grated

1/2 lb smoked salmon (lox)

chives or parsley chopped fine




Mix shallots&tomatoes intocream cheese

Add Rangpur Lime juice andginger

Score, stripe, and slicecucumbers into 3/4 in. rounds.

Use mellon baller to make cups

Cut salmon into 1x1/4 in. stripswith pointed ends.

Place 2-3 salmon strips into cups.

pipe or scoop in mixure on top ofsalmon flower

garnish with chives or parsley