KonaLime Pie

by ChristinaPettersen

Yield: 6pies

Portion: 1slice

Num Portions36



6 ea   graham cracker crust

18 oz cream cheese

45 oz condensed milk

18 ea egg yolks

20 oz kona lime juice

13 ea egg whites

3 tbsp       sugar

7 ea   gelatin leaves, bloomed



candied konalime zest



Paddle creamcheese until soft

Very slowlyadd sweetened condensed milk, scrapping well to avoid lumps Gently melt bloomedgelatin and stir in

Add eggyolks and mix well

Add limejuice and mix well

Beat eggwhites and sugar to soft peaks

Fold inbeaten egg whites gently

Dividemixture between the six pie shells

Bake @320for 15-20

Cool, wrapand freeze


Cut each pieinto six slices and garnish with whiped cream and candied zest