Increasing the Supply of Specialty Crop Fruit Trees for Growers in Hawaii


SCBGP-FB, FY 2014 Interim Report 

Contract Number 63653 with Hawaii Department of Agriculture




Ken Love for Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers (HTFG)



Activities Performed:


This project is ahead of schedule when following the original work plan despite a few setbacks caused by theft of planted.  Three of the repositories are completed as far as the project is concerned although there is extra space where HTFG partners have planned on adding additional trees as they become available from other projects and donations from growers who have heard of this project.  Plant material was obtained from growers and nurseries in the state as well as California and Florida.

More than 500 trees have been donated both for planting and for the distribution towards the end of the project. This exceeded our estimates by 250.


To date, 3 of the 4 repositories have been completed with over 100 trees planted.

an additional 150 trees are waiting for planting once they gain size and harden off in full sun.  The 4th repository will begin construction in August.


A 5th non-funded “mother” repository was created in Kona as a back-up for the other locations.


More then 500 trees are waiting for distribution to HTFG members and other growers.


More than 130 volunteers at 3 locations helped to clear land, dig holes for planting, run irrigation and plant trees. Additional volunteer days in Kona, Molokai and Kauai have also taken place.   The Kauai location at the National Tropical Botanic Garden will be expanded considerable to include visitor information and signage.  HTFG partnership with the park is considered by both groups to be very beneficial.




Work Plan: (January – December 2015) Actual start (February) and accomplished date in red. Each box within the “When Accomplished” section contains the latest status of each activity.


Project Activity

Who will do the work?

When Accomplished

Confirm partnerships for land use on each island.

Ken Love

January / February

Completed Feb. 2015

Develop Advisory Committee

Ken Love

January / February

Completed Feb. 2015


Poll members, chefs and wholesalers as to what fruits they most desire

Ken Love

January / February / March

Completed Feb. 2015 but continues with ongoing research.

Ask members to start propagation of their personal trees

Ken Love

January / February / March

Completed Feb. 2015

Secure cuttings, from USDA Germplasm repositories in Davis. of Figs and Pomegranate

Ken Love

January / February  -April/May

Completed May 2015

Secure plant material such as seedlings and cuttings from HTFG members based on results of polling customers.

Ken Love

January / February


Completed May 2015 but continues as  each site builds.

Place progress report on and

Ken Love & HTFG Webmaster

January / February


Expected to be completed Mid August.


Obtain permission from the University of Hawaii to take plant material for propagation from statewide experiment stations.  Collect material.

Ken Love

January / February

Completed Feb. 2015

Obtain permission from and collect material from botanic gardens and private collections around the state.

Ken Love



January / February

Completed Feb. 2015


Scout and photograph locations on Molokai, Kauai, Hilo and Kona

Ken Love will travel to each location to obtain information for orchard design

March / April

Completed April 2015

Develop orchard design with

Dick Kuehner  (Former US FISH and Wildlife park designer)

Brian Lievens (Professional landscape designer)

Ken Love

Designers Dick Kuehner and Brian Lievens -- Both HTFG West Hawaii Chapter Officers

March / April

¾ completed By July 2015 The final site should be completed by Sept.

Prepare land and plant trees at each location.

Ken Love will travel to each location and work with HTFG members. 

March to August

Three locations, Kona, Kauai and Molokai completed. Honomu (Hilo) expected to be completed by  Sept.

Procure propagation materials (pots, soils, fertilizers) for each location.

Ken Love

March / April

Completed April 2015

Monitor all new planted trees to insure health

Ken Love and HTFG members at each location

May – December

On going with weekly checks

Distribute 50 cuttings or seedlings at each location – Molokai, Kauai, Hilo, Kona

Ken Love and local HTFG members


Completed by July

Develop guides for each site and other outreach materials

Ken Love

October / February

Completion scheduled for Dec. 2015

Update websites

Ken Love and HTFG Webmaster

November / February

ON-going after Sept. 2015

Prepare Final Report

ken Love

December / February

Completion scheduled for Feb. 2016















The Land belonging to HTFG Chapter president Brian Lievens will be used in Honomu.

This approximately 2 acres will be completed by 10-15.




Marshall Joy’s farm before and after planting.




The repository is on Kamehameha schools land and leased to Chantel Chung’s educational project. HTFG has full access. The partnership has helped to increase West Hawaii’s membership for both groups.



Kauai Day 1 and 2

National Tropical Botanical Garden






Kauai Day 3




Problems and Delays:


There were two issues of theft or damage reported to the police for a total of 20 trees.  In some cases the trees were pulled from the ground and not to be found. In other cases an attempt was made to pull the trees out of the ground, which resulted in a break at the graft essentially killing the tree. a few of the  trees were rare like Cepeda mamey sapote and Eugenia mulchi. These have been replaced with other mamey and Eugenia.  The other holes from missing trees have been replaced with additional varieties such as tropical Apricot, and more jackfruit & durian.  Each project site as space for additional trees and when old enough and well established, clones from the mother trees will be replanted at the site. HTFG Members at each location have plans to expand the sites and plant additional trees as they become available either from project manager Ken Love and the “mother” site or from UH airlayers.  Members think of these sites as multi year projects that continue to evolve.  Each site plan took this into consideration by leaving space for expansion.


Timing to do the fourth repository has been someone problematic in scheduling the owners’ busy schedule but we now have a deadline for the end of next month. We also have a contingency plan and backup location. The advantage of the planned location is the proximity to a major visitor attraction.



Future Project Plans:


Individual chapters have continued to have work days and plan events that revolve around the repositories including a seed/scion exchange on Molokai and lectures on Kauai. The repositories will be featured prominently in future HTFG conferences and events.


By the end of 2015 all 4 repositories will be finished as well as the non-funded “mother” repository in Kona.  Although the project requires the distribution of 200 trees, We estimate this to now be over 500.  A newly funded project will supply each repository with a dozen rare new trees in 2016 and 2017.


Funding Expended To Date:

The project has spent $23,050.00 to date. This is exactly on target with the level of  work performed and the additional project work scheduled.


Ken Love