Grilled figs on a shortbread cookie with honey and toasted macadamia nuts



By Chef Paul Heerlein




8 whole ripe figs cut in half

1/2 cup Hawaiian White honey

4 slices fresh ginger

1 pc cinnamon stick

16 pc square short bread cookies

Toasted small diced macadamia nuts




Cut fig in half and rub-exposed halves together (this brings the sugar out of the fig). Place the figs flesh side up on a large piece of foil. In a small sauté pan combine the honey, ginger and cinnamon stick. Place the pan on the grill and let simmer for five minutes. Reserve about 3 T of the honey mixture and drizzle the remains over the figs.

Cover and seal the figs with the foil. Cook the foil package on the grill over medium heat for about 5-7 minutes or until the skin side of the fig is caramelized and slightly crispy.

Flip the package over and cook for about two minutes.

Place each fig half flesh side up on a shortbread cookie. Garnish with reserved honey and macadamia nuts or pistachios.



A fig a day creates a wealthy and healthy life


Moroccan proverb