Loquat, Poha berry, Tree Tomato and Lulo Fruit Terrine

Brandon Uchida

Keoni Goo  

Terrine lined with plastic

3 lbs Lulo,

5 lbs Loquat 

1 lb Poha berries

1 cup Tree tomato sauce

Simple syrup

2 tbs. Honey



Make simple syrup and reserve.

3-cups sugar

7 cups water

2 tbs. Ginger

juice of one lime

Add all ingredients, bring to boil, remove ginger and set aside.


Prepare each of the following fruits first.  Then add the gelatin as noted at ¾ oz per pint of liquid.  Once the gelatin and liquids are combined, begin to layer terrine with liquids and reserved fruits, one layer at a time.  Avoid air bubbles.  As each layer cools and gels, add the next layer.  Chill until service and slice and garnish with a sherbet or a cookie.


Halve, de-seed and peel loquat.  Poach in warm simple syrup 20 minutes. Separate and reserve fruit from the syrup, then combine syrup with gelatin.


Peel Lulo and puree in robo-coup.  Add honey to taste.  Combine the puree with gelatin.


The  Poha berries were warmed lightly and some whole berries and reserved. The rest were pureed and then combined with the gelatin.


Tree tomato sauce came from a previous recipe and was combined with gelatin.


Tree Tomato sauce


Chef Paul Heerlein, Allan Rey Antonio and ,Evie


6 oz Ginger

4 cups White wine

36 oz Passion Orange

1 orange Zest

3 qt Lemon, Lilikoi, Pineapple juce

2 tsp Brown cloves

1 tbs All spice

22 lbs Tree tomato



1.     In sauce pan, add white wine and ginger and reduce by half.

2.     Add all remaining items except Tree tomato and reduce half way

3.     Add Tree tomato and reduce to desired consistency.