Banana stuffed guava French toast with Tree Tomato Syrup


By Chef Paul Heerlein

Chef Instructor Hawaii Community College- West Hawaii

Serves 6 people




1.    6 ea           3’ inch thick slices from a guava sweet bread loaf

2.    2ea             banana peeled and cut lengthwise and in half

3.    2 ea            whole eggs

4.    4 oz            milk

5.    1.5 TB        Sugar

6.    .5  tsp         Vanilla

7.    Dash           Cinnamon


Fruit and garnish: Diced Figs, longon and rambutan, piped whipped cream, powdered sugar and mint.



In a mixing bowl combine numbers 3-7 and Wisk until combined. Cut a pocket in each 3’ loaf and stuff the banana into the pocket. Place the stuffed guava bread in the custard mixture and into a hot pan with oil and butter. Slowly brown the bread on all sides. Finish cooking the French toast on a baking sheet for five minutes in a 350 F oven.

Cut in half and garnish with fruit ingredients above, and Tree tomato sauce.


Tree Tomato Sauce:

1.    2 cups Tree tomato

2.    2 T sugar

3.    2 tsp ranpur lime juice

4.    Water as needed



In a sauce pan combine the first 3 ingredients cook for 10 minutes puree with a food processor and strain. Add water if to thick and adjust sweet and sour with lime or sugar as needed.