VARIETY                LOCATION                         ISLAND                        DATE


ELEVATION                   GPS  NUMBER                 ROAD DIRECTIONS


General & Environmental Factors


Plant condition [healthy   scraggly  dying]                       

Habitat Type                              

Water Availability    [    ridge              flat               ditch             stream         ]

Soil Description     [     rocky        clayey       poor        fertile         can’t see   ]

Exposure     [      sunny        semi-sun          shady         deeply shady      ]

Competition  (species, heights, damaging to banana health?)




Height      (to peduncle base)                            Diameter (basal)               

Aspect  [    slender               normal              robust                 dwarfed                 semi-dwarfed                    not dwarfed ]

Colors       green        dark green      shiny grass-green        green + delicate pink       green+ much pink       wholly pink/maroon

Underlying Colors

Blotches at petiole base   [      >75%       50%          25%         0%       virtually none     ]            

Blotch Color    [      blackish         shiny black        dull "scorched" black         dark brown         light brown         chestnut   ]

Dried Sheath Coverage   [  none/few                     >50%                                       100%             ]


Keiki (suckers)


Basic Color                                      Wax   [      heavy   medium     light      ]

Sucker type    [sword         #           water            #          Peepers        #]




General Shape  [narrow-oblong & taperedapex      narrow-oblong & bluntapex     paddle-shaped (broad in  middle, short, tapered apex]

Cigar leaf color   [green                yellow-green              bronze/coppery                     purplish                      dark red-purple  ]

Leaf blade base    [cordate               tapered              rounded                  symmetrical            asymmetrical         ]

Lower surface:

      Color:   Shade of green   [light      medium      dark    variegated]                 purple

      Waxiness    [light   medium     heavy]

Upper surface:

      Color:  Shade of green    [light     medium     dark    variegated

Corrugations     [      none                     few                         prominent                    ]




Color, mature plant, top     [palegreen       green        yellow-green      pink         flesh              red/black/burgundy w/green]

            , bottom   [    pale green         green        yellow-green        pink         flesh          red/black/burgundyw/green ]

Color, immature plant, top     [palegreen          green         yellow-green         pink          flesh        red/black/burgundy w/green]

            , bottom   [    pale green            green          yellow-green          pink             flesh             red/black/burgundyw/green ]




Length     [ short                                   normal                                      noticeably long                                                 ]

Color(s), mature plant   [pale green     green   pink on bottom    pink on side     burgundy/blackish/bluish(waxy)]

          immature plant   [palegreen     green    pink onbottom    pink on side    burgundy/blackish/bluish (waxy)]

Degree of wax       [   light                         medium                         heavy             ]

Canal Type     [     widely open         open            vertical         almost closed            closed       ]

Margins     [     winged & wavy               winged& straight               unwinged       ]       

      MarginColor    [        green           brown            pink-purple       ]       

RimColor   [        green        brown          pink-purple           very brightpink-purple         ]

MarginWidth    [<1/8”         1/8”            ¼”   ½”            >1/2”]


MaleBud (fresh, early to half-ripe fruit stage)


Fruit Stage        [      very immature            young              green-ripe            ripe             over-the-hill     ]

Shape       [    top                 lanceolate         intermediate         ovoid        rounded        cordate      ]

Bract Overlap     [       none                 little              very obvious         ]


Colors: Inside  [ dull yellow   shiny red-brown     matte red-brown     pinkish-red      purple-brown   green    yellow/red streaks]

               Outside   [     purple-brown+ heavy wax            purple-brown+ medium wax            green          yellow & red streaks   ]  

   Apex     [        with yellow  tip         without yellow  tip     ]

         Inside Base     [         with yellow         without yellow      ]

Apex Shape      [     pointed           not especially pointed              rounded      ]

Bract behavior before falling      [       rolling            not rolling        ]

Bud depletion    [  none at full fruit ripeness             begins ca. 1/3 ripe               begins ca.  2/3 ripe        begins @maturity  ]


Staminate Flower (fresh)         [               fallen                freshly-picked bud        ]


When falling?     [           before bracts fall                after bracts fall       ]

Overall Color     [       all white/cream       pale pink-purple          mediumpink-purple       rich pink-purple      ]

Color Distribution    [throughout perianth         perianthsides adjacent to free tepal       bandabove ovary      ]

Perianth Back    [   white/cream            yellow             pink /red               purple                 2 definite stripes              brownish blotches              red dots below lobes                            any thickening?      ]

Perianth Inside  [  same as outside color           darker than outside color          with 2  pink-purple stripes       ]

Free Tepal Color   [        white/cream       pale pink-purple          mediumpink-purple     rich pink-purple      ]

Free tepal miscellaneous:     [  creases                           hollow“cheeks”                  thickened midline           ]

Apicula   [   obtuse/virtuallyabsent       short & triangular             long & triangular             long &thread-like          ]

Nectar     [       watery               gel                none              bees   present              ants  present     ]


Stamens/Anthers (fresh)

      Color    [         white/cream                  yellow                  lavender                    pink      ]

      Exsertion(w. r. t. curled perianth lobe bases)   [      less than              equal                      greaterthan      ]

      Pollen    [        none              little                 lots         ]


      Style   Color  [    white                cream               yellow                    pink/pink-purple         different colors in lower ½? ]

      Stigma  Color        [    cream               yellow                          buff     ]                            


      Color [white/cream   yellow    pale green    apple-green     pale pink-purple   dark pink-purple]

      Pigmentation   [  wholly color-suffused     red/pink/purplestreaks      "red" base      brownish splotches   none ]



      Length   [  <1′    1-2′     2-3'     3-4'  ]     Hairiness    [ smooth     few hairs     downy      very hairy >2mm    ]

      Color     [palegreen     green       green withblackish     green with dark redstreaks      dark red        black     ]

              Unusualtraits   [  forked outsidebunch           forked within bunch            double            triple         multiple      ]



Position     [vertical            angled           kinked           horizontal           erect]

Coverings      [bare            neutral flowers            male flowers above bract]


Pistillate Flower


Perianth Back    [   white/cream      yellow        pink /red         purple          2 definite stripes    brownish blotches     ]

Perianth Inside (curled back) [  same asoutside color      darker than outsidecolor     with 2  pink-purple stripes       ]

Free Tepal Color   [   white/cream/translucent        pale pink-purple     mediumpink-purple       richpink-purple      ]

Stigma Color   [      white/cream            buff               orange-buff                   brown               ]

Ovary Color/Emerging fruits   [   yellow-green              light yellow-green               green                 dark green                   silvery/bluish             green & pink/red/purple            maroon-chocolate                            reddish-brown     ]

Ovule Arrangement      [  two-rowed              ca.four-rowed                other                    ]


Fruit Bunch (50+% development)


Bunch Position     [       hanging vertically               angled                       erect               ]

Arrangement of Fruit     [parallelto rachis         right angles torachis        45 deg. to rachis     twisted ]


Synchronous ripening?   [          yes                           no               ]

Compactness       [tight                      open to fingers                    open to fist (below top hand)      ]


No hands &No. fruits per hand    [ Hand 1            Hand 2       Hand3       Hand 4       Hand 5

                  Hand6       Hand 7       Hand 8       Hand 9       Hand 10      Hand11            ]

Total No. Fruits


Individual Mature Fruits 


Size      [   finger-length                    small                           medium                   large                                  huge          ]

Fruit Stage    [          very immature         young                   green ripe                       ripe                    over-ripe         ]

Length, typical    [   straight                       curved                  ]     Diameter                                               Weight

Shape      [   straight       straight distally       slightly curved        sharply curved     exceptionallynarrow       angled      prominently angled      sausage  shaped      ball-shaped          inflated          fused  at sides       S-shaped   ]


Apex       [        pointed           lengthily pointed                blunt-tipped               bottle-necked             long bottle-necked

             rounded                lumpily rounded (near-bursting)        ]

Transverse section of fruit    [   pronounced ridges           slightly ridged            completely round & smooth       ]


Floral Relicts retained     [            perianth                 pistil                         none         floral scar prominent  ]

Pedicel Length [   short                   medium              long                   longer on top hand?                            ]

Fruit Color, Immature  [  light yellow-green       yellow-green      green         dark green       silvery/bluish        maroon-&-green

             green & pink/red-purple               maroon-chocolate                 reddish-brown              green-&-white striped            ]

Fruit Color, Mature     [     yellow-green      yellow       bright yellow      golden-coppery    reddish-yellow      ]

Peel  Thickness     [     <2 mm         >3 mm         ]

Cracking of ripening fruit     [     yes           no         ]

Fruit falls from hands when ripe         [          yes               no       ]

Flesh Color  [  golden            yellow                     cream                  ivory/white               luminescent yellow-green                             salmon-pink(pink-orange)                 pale salmon-pink                       light orange                   darker orange inside?]            

Texture (fully ripe)     [         heavy               mealy                creamy                dry                 soft           fluffy                firm ]

Taste (fully ripe)       [      astringent         mild/bland           semi-sweet           sweet          sugary            sweet-acidic     rich    ]

Culinary Type     [          cooking                         dessert                                   cooking & dessert       ]

Texture after cooking/cooling (ripe)  [  mushy     semi-mushy        firm        gelatinous      elastique   starchy     very starchy ] 

Seeds     [     none            flat              angular            rounded               black                brown]     Size

SeedDistribution      [      scattered                     linear &central                       tightly packed        ]


Signsof Pests or Diseases   [bunchy top      Panama disease    corm weevils      black Sigatoka      thrips       fungi   ]

D71    Banana Descriptors Field Form April 2.doc