Sept. 12 2004 tree photos

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bilimbi biwa1 biwa2 cheri2
Bilimbi New growth on a Fusahikari loquat New shoots on a Obusa loquat. Cherimoya flowering a month after transplanting.
cherimoya figs figs1 granadilla
New growth on a 7 year old transplanted cherimoya.Planted on 3 feet of new subsoil mix with added organic calcium. Havested figs from an older tree at the 12 Trees Project Site. Figs flourish on an older tree that was heavily pruned. Giant passionfruit (Passiflora quadrangularis)along the fence line.
kumquat lulo otaheiti poha
Kumquat flowered 3 days after transplanting. Although known as slow growers, the project trees are flourishingin a 3 foot subsoil of cinder, compost,calcium and potting soil. Lulo or Naranjilla Otaheite Gooseberry Poha flowered 3 weeks after transplating in 2 feet of subsoil and composte.