Development of a Sustainable Polyculture Production and Marketing System for Exotic Tropical Fruits

The 12 Trees Project

A new project funded by the Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (WSARE) USDA-CSREES competitive grants program, asked Hawaii Island chefs, fruit buyers and growers to chose 12 types of fruit. Pictured below are those chosen. Fruit trees will now be planted and brought into production at a demonstration orchard at the Kona Pacific Farmers Cooperative on Napoopoo Road. During the course of the three-year project, fruit from this orchard, as well as additional fruit purchased from area farmers, will be donated to the West Hawaii Community College culinary school. Culinary student chefs will develop recipes to be published at the end the project. Coop members as well as those of the Hawaii Tropical Fruit growers - West Hawaii and any other interested growers will be encouraged to plant these trees. This project will also analyze the cost of producing these fruits and analyze the potential market for them. The goals of this project are to increase profitable agricultural diversification and to develop a consistently high quality, year-around supply of tropical fruit for local markets.

12 Trees Book online

  • 56 page color book on the project
    Weed Mat Test with Typar 1-08

  • Photos of test area and putting down new mat to combat nut sedge grass
    New Photos from 11-23-07

  • Project photos with new field signs.
  • Satellite image
  • Dr. Yosef Mizrahi and Ken on site.

  • New field signs order for fruit trees at the project site, designed by Dick Kuehner

  • Ken's oberservations ramblings on the 12 trees fruit (2-1-07)
    New Photos from 7-7-07

  • Grafted Atemoya
  • A few new project photos

  • NRCS Chief Arlen Lancaster visits the project 5-07
    HTFG Photos at the 12 Trees Project Site 10-1-06

  • Conference workshop photos.

  • Kenji Ueda from Hiroshima-ken with starfruit tree he planted


  • ・NEW・ 12 Trees project & Fruit Park story in Japanase by Yurie Sakakibara (East West Journal)榊原百合惠(イースト・ウエスト・ジャーナル)日本語

    2006 Work Days

  • Kiosk building photos by Sotero.
  • Mac shells around the walkways.
  • main walkway.
  • Kiosk walls are up!.
  • Mahalo to those helping during our workdays.
  • Panoramic image of site.
  • Work day photos by Sotero.
  • Dick, Fred & Bruce.
  • Side path by pomgranate, mysore and poha..
    Loquat Bagged 12-27-05

  • Bagged loquat 1st tree.
  • Bagged loquat 2nd tree.

  • Oval Tropical apricots (2-1-06)
    WorkDay Photo! 9-17-05

  • Many thanks too, L to R, Bruce, Stefanie, Joan, Ty, Bonnie, Stephanie and Peter for their hard work weeding and preening the 12 trees site

  • Tree sale Photos by Craig Elevitch - (9-25-05) Dick Kuehner's deisgns for a permanent kiosk and inside panels at the project site.1-06
  • Kiosk Designs

    Fruit buying
  • Fruit Needed! These are the prices we will pay to Big Island farmers for the 12 types of fruit.(8-13-05)

  • First Mysore berry harvest. 6-10-05
  • First kitembilla starting to turn color. 5-15-05
  • First otaheite gooseberry. 5-15-05

    Photos 5-1-05 taken while planting a number of Hawaiian sugar canes. Shots of the first tropical apricot fruit, Fred running irrigation pipe and the beginning of the banana collection.
  • New photos
  • List of planted canes.
    New Photos 4-22-05
  • Gerry Herbert prepares a trelis for mysore berries trees.
  • Project site on 4-22-05
  • Marg Love harvests poha 4-22-05
    Extension Agent Virginia Easton Smith prunes & shapes a small Kona lime tree.
  • Pruning small citrus trees.
    Groundcover test
  • Photo of 6 groundcovers provided as a test by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) 1-15-05
    April 05 photos
  • A few photos of fruit and flowers from the project site. (April 2005)
    Fertilizer test with Speed grow
  • About Speedgrow
  • Using Speedgrow at the 12 trees project site.
    Konawaena High School

    Konawaena High School has mirrored the 12 Trees project and planted a number of the trees at the school. With help from the Kona Outdoor Circle's "Green Team", the students are learning first hand about diversified agriculture and tropical fruit trees.
  • Photo of students and advisors with young tree tomato plant.
    First Flower
  • The first flower on a 5 year old grumichama transplanted to the project site. (1-22-05)
  • Donations Needed!
  • Mahalo for donations received!!
    Site Photos
  • Slowfood group tour of the 12 Trees site & lunch
  • Panoramic site photo (9-22-04)
  • Tree photos showing growth and fruit.(9-12-04)
  • Panoramic site photo (8-30-04)
  • Panoramic site photo with tree map.(8-15-04)
  • Panoramic site photo (8-1-04)
  • Photos of trees planted in July 2004.(8-1-04)
  • Project site photo (7-4-04)
  • Project site photo (4-10-04)

    Other Photos
  • The Poha queen. (10-10-04)
  • Volunteers at work! (7-3-04)
  • Bruce and Lulo (8-30-04)
  • Photos from groundbreaking ceremony(4-29-04)

  • Planned Sample Orchard at the Kona Pacific Farmers Cooperative (7-3-04)

    Project & Press Kit Files
  • Other trees planted at the site(8-30-04)
  • Chosen Trees
  • Design information (4-21-04)
  • Culinary information (4-21-04)
  • Advisory Panel (5-16-04)
  • Press Release (4-21-04)
  • Guidelines for fruit tree selection.

  • Strawberry Guava replaced with Grumichama (7-4-04)

    Culinary School

    Use this form to submit recipes using one or more of the 12 fruit for possible inclusion in the project cook book to be published in 2006.
  • Recipe Template

    Student Recipes
  • 12 Trees Project Recipes!

    Nutritional Values for the 12 fruit
  • values

    Notes on Invasivness
  • A Question of Invasiveness (3-04)

    Possible Models for the Big Island of Hawaii.

    The Fruit Parks of Japan

  • Japanese Fruit Parks as Models for Rural Development in Hawaii (4-12-04)
  • Japanese Fruit Parks as Models for Rural Development in Hawaii in Japanese. (5-25-04)

    New June 13, 2004 - Yamanashi Fruit Park

  • Yamanashi Fruit Park Brochures
  • Yamanashi Fruit Park Views & Domes
  • Yamanashi Agriculture Experiment Station
  • Yamanashi Fruit Park Flowers and Fruit
  • Yamanashi Fruit Park Hotel & Train
  • Yamanashi Fruit Park Kitchen and Library
  • Yamanashi Fruit Park Misc.
  • Yamanashi Fruit Park Museum
  • Yamanashi Fruit Park Gift Shop
  • Yamanashi Fruit Park Park Signs

  • Photos from the Hamamatsu Japan Fruit Park(3-21-04)
  • More Photos from the Hamamatsu Japan Fruit Park(3-29-04)
  • Photos from the Togokusan Fruit Park in Nagoya Japan (3-21-04)
  • Links to other Japanese Fruit Parks(4-08-04)

    Resources for Growing the 12 Trees

    Please check for new files over the next few months as I am in the process of writing a number of guides for the 12 trees. Some photo files have text blocks while others are simply photos showing how the trees are shaped and pruned. Photos with no location mentioned are all from Kona Hawaii. Feel free to email any questions to me. Ken

  • Project tree with first fruit in protective bags(1-15-05)
  • Loquat at the Chiba Japan Experiment Station(3-24-04)
  • Notes on the above photos from Chiba Japan. (3-24-043)
  • Perfect fruit and bad fruit comparison photos(2-14-04)
  • Loquat pruning photos (11-14-03)
  • Loquat tree shaping(12-1-03)
  • cherimoya (11-30-03)
  • grumichama on branch (7-20-05)
  • grumichama dessert tart (7-20-05)
  • grumichama (7-4-04)
  • Fresh Figs sold in Tokyo (5-27-04)
  • Fig growing and marketing in Japan-report (3-21-04)
  • Figs at the Nagoya Japan Fruit Park (3-20-04)
  • Figs at the Hamamatsu Japan Fruit Park (3-20-04)
  • Aichi-ken Japan Agriculture Station(3-19-04)
  • Fig farm & pruning in Aichi Japan(3-19-04)
  • Fig orchard & pruning in Chiba Japan(3-8-04)
  • Fig orchard in Chiba Japan-3 months later(6-8-04)
  • Fig(11-30-03)
    Mysore Berry
  • Mysore raspberry (11-30-03)
  • Poha(11-30-03)
  • Pruned Pomegranate trees in Hamamatsu Japan(3-20-04)
  • Pomegranate trees in Aichi Japan(3-19-04)
  • Pomegranate(11-30-03)
    Surinam Cherry
  • Surinam Cherry(11-30-03)
    Tree tomato - Tamarillo
  • tree tomato/tamarillo(11-30-03)
    Kona Rangpur Lime
  • Rangpur lime(12-1-03)
  • Kumquat hedge in Aichi-ken Japan(3-20-04)
  • Kumquat in Hamamatsu Japan(3-20-04)
  • Kumquat(12-1-03)

    A general guide to propagation,culture, yield, and working prices of the 12 trees fruit.

  • (Guide)

    Other Photos and Reports


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