Tropical Apricot, Loquat, and Raspberry Terrine





Simple Syrup (poaching liquid):


Simple Syrup (poaching liquid):

3 cups sugar

7cups water

2 tbls. Ginger

juice of 1 lime orange zest



Add all ingredients, bring to boil then remove ginger before adding loquat for poaching.


Tropical apricot gelle:


6 cups tropical apricot puree/juice

2cups sugar

2tbls. Sweet orange marmalade



Add all ingredients and bring to a simmer.


Poaching Loquats:


Peel loquats and de-seed and cut in half. Add loquats to simple syrup for 15-20 min. or until soft.


Raspberry Gellee:


12 oz. Frozen raspberry

3 tbls brandy

5 cups lehua honey



Bring to simmer


Sliceable Gellee:


1 pt of cold water to 6 oz powdered gelatin




Amount of gellee for each:

¼ for raspberry

¼ for simple syrup

½ tropical apricot



How we came up with this terrine idea:


We had a recipe for a plum and pear terrine but we decided to make our own with the loquats we had. So, in the book culinary artistry we found no loquats but the dictionary definition for loquat is also known as the Japanese plum. The loquat is pear shaped and the flesh is similar to the same fruit and when we looked up pear the general compatible flavors were ginger vanilla and lemon. For the plum the flavors were lemon orange cinnamon and apricot. So we substituted the tropical apricot for the apricot, and under apricot raspberry came up as a compatible ingredient. When we poached the loquat we poached it with ginger and the citrus zest. That was our thought process on the terrine.



Chef Instructor Paul Heerlein

Lorin Alani, 

Kalani Adams

                                                            Hawaii Community College- West Hawaii