Rangpur Kona Lime Papaya Cheesecake                                        Yield:  55

Teri Wisdom




Egg yolks - 48

Sugar - 12 cups

Limes - zested and juiced - 18

Vanilla - 8 tsp.


Unflavored gelatin - 16 tsp.

Heavy Cream - 16 cups

Cream cheese - 7-8 ounces, softened

Salt - 2 tsp.

Lilikoi Puree


Papayas, peeled, cleaned and thin sliced for garnish


First four ingredients - mix in double boiler to 165*F; remove from heat.

With mixer beat till thickens and starts to cool, 4-8 minutes.  Set aside.

Combine water and gelatin. Let stand to ripen.  Warm heavy cream to 100*F,

add to gelatin.  Set aside.

Whip cream cheese and salt till light and fluffy.  Scrape bowl to ensure all cream

cheese is whipped.

Fold in whipped cream mixture, then fold in egg mixture.  Spoon in cups and

freeze overnight or until set.

Make lilikoi sauce

Add sugar to lilikoi puree, reduce not to thick, not to runny.

Loosen cups of frozen or set dessert in warm water briefly, plate upside down, garnish with papaya

slices and drizzle with lilikoi sauce.