Rangpur Kona Lime Hollandaise Sauce

Vince Mott


Yield 1 quart


2lbs clarified butter, warm but not too hot to the touch.

12 egg yolks

2 oz cold water

3 oz Rangpur Kona limejuice

Cayenne to taste

Salt to taste


  1. Place yolks and cold water in a stainless steel bowl and beat well. Beat in a few drops of the juice.
  2. Hold the bowel over a hot water bath and continue to beat until yolks are thickened. Draw a figure 8 in the mix to test thickness.
  3. Remove Bowl from heat. Using a ladle, slowly and gradually beat in the warm butter. Use approximately 2 oz to 2.5 oz per egg yolk. Add the butter drop by drop at first then ladle by ladle. Continually beat during this process. If the sauce becomes to thick to beat before all the butter is added, beat in a little more Rangpur Kona limejuice.
  4. When all the butter has been added, beat in the remaining limejuice. If necessary thin sauce with a few drops of warm water.
  5. Hold in bain marie in a warm water bath.  Will hold for approx 1.5 hours.