Pomegranate syrup on pineapple banana sorbet

Kalani Adams


48 servings


24 cups sugar

6 split Hawaiian vanilla beans

6 pineapples

12 ripe bananas

6 tablespoons pomegranate or grenadine syrup

4 cups water


Peel core and trim pineapple. Peel bananas.

IN medium saucepan, dissolve sugar in 4 cups of water overmoderately high heat. Add vanilla bean and let mixture infuse until cool. Passthough chinois to remove any solids.


Puree pineapple and banana in a food processor. Add sugarmixture and process just until mixed. Stir in pomegranate syrup. Pour mixtureinto ice cream maker and freeze until firm.

Drizzle additional pomegranate syrup before serving.